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Discover Villa Mariposa

Do not miss any detail of everything that Villa Mariposa can offer you

Playa Blanca

Relax, shopping, fun and the solvent gastronomic bet, based on fish and seafood, are gathered around Playa Blanca.

Its splendid beaches and coves have that differentiating point that make them so attractive and relaxing.

Discover Lanzarote

Lanzarote has something different that goes beyond what can be found in any sun and beach destination. An island where nature and art go hand in hand, where its people feel and live the commitment and pride of belonging to it, and the food tastes of the sea and the countryside, an island whose essence leaves a mark.

What to do in the island

Nature, art, relaxation and fun ā€¦ to your liking. Do not miss any of the great experiences that are presented in this unique setting.

MontaƱas de Fuego

In the heart of the Timanfaya National Park, are the MontaƱas del Fuego, where you can enjoy the spectacular scenery, see volcanic activity first-hand, as well as taste dishes cooked in the heat of the volcano in its restaurant El Diablo. 

La Cueva de los Verdes

The tunnel formed by the Corona Volcano is, with its more than six kilometers of gallery, one of the most extensive and interesting on the planet. Visiting the Cueva de los Verdes will allow you to enter and discover part of this incredible show.

Las Bodegas de La Geria

The cultivation of the vine in Lanzarote is unique in the world, it preserves the original characteristics of a procedure that allows, from a barren and calcined land, a generous and refined wine is born, the son of lava, strong as the volcano, pampered under ashes in charge of treasuring every drop of dew, so valuable in a land without springs.

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